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Aerial baptism

For the lovers of the adventure, the experience to fly is something very intense, difficult to explain in words, a experience in which the adrenalin will be the great protagonist.

The enchantment to fly. The flights of Aerial baptism, have been conceived so that all those that want to undergo aviation from close can and feel all the magic of this incomparable sensation.
Jump in parachute, flight in small plane, balloon flight, ultralight, helicopter, autogyro, flight in hang-glider, etc.

the experience to fly

It is the case of Miguel Ángel who in its 39 birthdays lived a unique and unforgettable experience to the controls in some maneuver with the airplane battle Soviet Yakovlev 52 EC - IAO. “Manito congratulations”

Aerial baptism

In order to initiate to you you do not need previous knowledge, all the activities are carried out next to a flight monitor that will teach to you, will guide to you and it will accompany to you at any moment. In addition, before taking off, you will receive a theoretical class in that you will learn the basic foundations and all the safety measures that you need.


Yakovlev 52 EC - IAO, constructed airplane battle in the old Soviet Union. With a motor of 9 cylinders and 360 HP







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Aerial baptism
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