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The missile technology amateur:

The missile technology amateur is a hobby science that through design, construction, launching and experimentation of rockets in scale, allow the patternmaker to apply the same principles, techniques and knowledge that the one of space sciences. Thousands of people anywhere in the world construct and launch rockets without the necessity to be engineers or to comprise of an organization of the government.



At the end of the 50, much people, motivated by the idea of the space trips; they tried to design and to construct her own rockets, as well as decades before she tried to construct her own airplanes. The missile technology amateur began to become popular to a great extent by the publication of June of 1957, of the American article that describes the design, the formulations of fuel, and the launching of the techniques used by the fan groups of the time (including the Society of Investigation of the reaction of California). The later publication, in 1960, of a titled book Manual of rockets for fans by Bertrand R. Brinley provided more detailed information about the liking, and contributed to its increasing popularity.


Types of fan missile technology:

This activity begins generally with the construction and flight of small rockets, to continue with expressions majors, as the missile technology of high power and the entirely experimental activities:

Basic Space model building: they are rockets that are constructed with pre-manufactured pieces, and generally use gunpowder motors of little power. They are rockets whose mass usually does not exceed the 150 or 200 grams, and at the most fly until about 300 meters of height.
Missile technology Patternmaker of Average Power: These rockets use commercial motors, generally of compound fuels; they are rockets with a somewhat smaller mass to the 500 grams, and usually they fly to greater height than the rockets model. The rockets of average power are more complex to construct than them rocket-model, although the majority of the materials and constructive techniques is similar.
Missile technology Patternmaker of High Power: It groups the constructed greatest rockets with commercial components, including the motors. These rockets have a mass that surpasses widely the 500 grams generally, in fact, have been constructed some rockets of more than 30 kilograms. It is not impossible to reach with these models heights of several kilometers.
Experimental missile technology Amateur: This is the most challenging category of all, since in her independence of the size or engine power exists, and characterizes it because all the rocket (complete) is constructed by the hobbista, including the motor, without limit some.

The rockets must own a parachute, tape or another recoil mechanism that allow them to land smoothly in safe form. The models can be commercial, or constructed and designed by one same one.

missile technology amateur
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