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The globe stroll: gift stars

To give experiences has become a new tendency. The aerial sports become the asked for gifts more. The globe stroll is the demanded option more, followed by the flight in small plane, between which as much courses of pilot are included as strolls. Next we were with the flight in helicopter as perfect candidate between this sea of possibilities

The prices are lowering and by only some 150€ can be enjoyed incredible landscapes in the absolute tranquillity. A beautiful and funny experience that will happen to history and will remain in its memory for always.

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XI Festival the International of the Air ‘the Yelmo’

Around 500 pilots coming from several countries they participate from this Thursday and to the next Sunday in XI the Festival the International of the Air ‘the Yelmo’, that is celebrated the 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Julio of the 2010

The festival, that has become “one of the main events related to the free flight and the aerial sports in Spain”, eleventh edition presents “numerous” new features in his, according to an official notice of the organization. One of them is “innovating” an activity in which a group of disabled of the Provincial Federation of Associations of Physical Handicapped people of Jaén (Fejidif) will realise its “fire baptism” in the world of the free flight flying in hang-glider or paramotor.

Another newness is the presence of three Bucker classic airplanes of acrobatic aviation that already served to the German Air Force, Luftwaffe, in World War II. The public also will have to his disposition a Cesna small plane of four places so that the visitors have the possibility of flying on skies of the Mountain range of Safe of “a comfortable and calm” form, to which adds the participation of the Project Wings formed by Álvaro Bultó, Santi Corella and Toni López, who will realise “spectacular” jumps with its suits of wings.

The programming includes “numerous” activities during the day, between which they are a “great number” of aerial exhibitions of hang-glider, paramotor or jump bases in charge of the “better specialists of the world”, between which they appear Horacio Llorens and the equipment the American Red Bull, Ramón Morillas, French Mathieu Rouanet or brothers Anthony and Tim Green, specialized in the synchronous acrobatics. The Freestyle de Paramotor, sponsored by Toyota and that the past year already congregated to more than 5,000 people, will be celebrated the days of Friday and Saturday. To all this a simulator of Formula 1 is added contributed by Toyota, a circuit of 4x4 or the fair of samples, that is going to reunite about 35 exhibitors.

In addition, the festival the International of the Cinema of the Air will by day project 25 productions coming from eight countries in passes in a conditionned zone and at night under stars of the Mountain range of Safe. As far as the block of activities at night, they will take place sessions of astronomical observation under one of the cleanest skies of Spain and the concerts in the nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when they act two bands every day. Source (Europa Press)

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VII Aerial Festival the International of Orduña

UNAF 2010 - 7ª edition days 25, 26 and 27 of June

This year they will participate the champion of the world of Horacio Llorens acrobatics, that will show the spectacular acrobatics of the SAT equipment.

The organization is preparation an ample program of activities with flights two-seater in hang-glider for the assistants according to drawing, hang-gliders, wings delta, air balloons, acrobatics, parachutists, paramotor, twos-seater and an exhibition of aeromodelling.

In addition, there will be an important fair of material of aerial sports, with 20 stands that will present the new features of 95% of the brands of the sector.

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Plenary session FAI, CIVL, 2010

Commission FAI, CIVL, closed this Sunday as one of most transcendental for the future of the development of hang-glider. The CIVL decided against redefining the Hang-glider as they asked for the manufacturers (PMA) and in favor of the use of innovations in the design, as the carbon twigs.

Also it was decided that only helmets and harnesses accredited for the flight in competitions FAI1 will be allowed.

As well as the celebration of next the European of Hang-glider in San André Les Alpes, France.

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The Philippines celebrate 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Celebration

The participants must persecute to a globe leader, and the one that approaches more will be the winner.

Thousands of showy air balloons today furrowed skies of the north of the Philippines during an annual event to promote the tourism celebrated in the old military airbase of the United States, informed the local mediums.

Some 80,000 the 15 people have predicted to go to edition of the Festival of the Hot-air balloon of the Philippines, that are celebrated every year in the now civil airport of Clark, about 200 kilometers to the north of Manila.

The event, conceived as a spectacle of all the aerial sports, also includes parachuting activities, I commit, flight in ultralight, pirouettes, an exhibition of huntings and helicopters of the Philippine Air Force.

Considered the greater aerospace event of Asia, the festival is celebrated from 1994 and will have as strong plate the globe race, in which 23 offerers of the Philippines, Indonesia compete, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

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