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An ornithopter is an aerodyne one that obtains the necessary push of the beating movement of its wings of analogous form to since the birds do it.

The machines are of two types:

Those that have motor, and the actions by muscles of the pilot. The designers try to imitate the flight of wing, fluttering of the birds, bats insects etc.
The idea to construct wings to look oneself like the flight of the birds goes back to the old Greek legend of Labyrinth (engineer of Greek demigod) and the Ícaro (the son of Labyrinth).
The projects and descriptions of machines of this type are famous realised by Roger Bacon in 1250 and Leonardo da Vinci towards 1490.


In France in the decade of 1870. Gustave Trouvé ' s flew a distance of 70 meters
Around 1890, Lawrence Hargrave I construct to several ornithopters driven by steam or compressed air.
In 1930, Alexander Lippisch and other investigators in Germany took advantage of the motor combustion.
In 1942, Adalberto Schmid made the longest flight with human power of an ornithopter in Munich-Laim. Crossing a distance of 900 meters, maintaining a height of 20 meters in most of the flight. That same airplane was equipped with a motor of the Sachs motorcycle 3 horsepowers, with became flights of up to 15 minutes of duration.

Ornithopter of human propulsion

Todd Reichert, student of engineering of 28 years, has made history after maintaining the flight during 19,3 seconds.

Officially it is the first flight of this airplane with wings driven by the human being

A Canadian student has obtained what Leonardo da Vinci had only dreamed: to pilot an airship driven by the man. This ornithopter, airplane that is maintained and advanced thanks to the fact that their wings execute movements similar to those of the birds, has obtained the push necessary to throw to fly.

This event, whose witness was Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), was confirmed as the first official flight in ornithopter driven by the human being.

24 Sep 2010



Ornithopters of Leisure

Elastic rubber ornithopters. The fans can design, construct and fly their own ornithopters. These go from the models of slight weight driven by the rubber band, to the great models with radio control.

The power of the rubber model can be quite simple in the design and the construction. The fans compete for the longest flight, but the advanced designs of competition are extremely delicate and difficult to construct. Roy White has the EE.UU the national record for the rubber model, with its flight time of 21 minutes, 44 seconds.

Designs controlled by radio control. The wings usually are driven by an electrical motor. Many fans enjoy undergoing their new designs of wings and own mechanisms. The opportunity to imitate to the real birds in its own domain adds a great benefit of this liking. In some cases, ornithopters have been attacked by birds predatory, crows, and even cats.

At present it is not difficult to generally find toys that fly being based on this principle driven by the accumulated energy in some rubbers elastic and constructed in light plastics and wood, as the dragonfly of WowWee dedicated to the market of the toys.





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