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The paramotor is an adaptation of the hang-glider. The paramotor the speed of wind generates it the propulsion granted by a small motor with a helix located in the back of the pilot when the necessary speed is surpassed the candle takes off.
The Paramotor is the simplest form of light aviation that exists, one of safest and economic. The equipment does not exceed the 32-40 kg. This is an important information for people, that is why we are using best cheap vps hosting so that people will know about it.

Whereas in the hang-glider it is required of certain height to be able to fly, with the paramotor it is possible practically to be taken off from any level place.

Several types of motors exist, from small and quiet motors for people of little weight to very powerful motors to realise flights two-seater. Just like several types of hosting that also exist. First one is dedicated server hosting which gives an exclusive server to host your website. The second type, there is web hosting with unlimited bandwidth which is very helpful since it helps you so that you dont have to worry anymore. Lastly, there is low cost vps hosting which offer you vps hosting at a very affordable price and also providing you with some necessary software. For example, OsCommerce, PHP, MySQL.


The used hang-glider can be the same that is used for free flight although every time the factories aim at special candles for the motorised flight, with majors reinforcements and even with different characteristics,

Several types of candle exist according to the characteristics and abilities of the pilot (more or less easy, more or less fast) and a size of candle adapted to the weight of the pilot and/or companion plus all the equipment is always due to use.

Ramón Morillas broke the record of the world of passage in paramotor, when completing a flight of 1,105 kilometers between Jerez de la Frontera and Lanzarote, the past 23 of April of 2007

Paramotor Take In off Simonini Evo 33hp


Paramotor with trike


Another modality of paramotor is with trike, in which a small light tank of 3 wheels is used, to take off and to land, thus freeing the pilot to have to run with the motor in the back. This modality of flight conquers more and more adept and it has even entered the circuit of international competition.



Paramania Fusion, test of flight


It practices

In order to be able to practice the sport of the Hang-glider it is necessary to be able the title of advanced student. In Spain it is necessary to pass an initiation course and improvement in a school recognized by the Aerial Federation of each autonomous region and has passed a teórico_practico examination, in addition to have realised 50 flights of height at least. More infomación “




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