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BCN reclaims Red Bull Air RACE

18ª edition of Red Bull Air RACE, closes Mercè 2009


Red Bull Air RACE, returns to the Catalan capital after one first edition in the 2007. The Celebration of the Sky celebrates 90º anniversary of the arrival from commercial aviation to Barcelona, commemorating the first flight of the Ligne Latecoère between Tolosa and the Catalan capital.

Between the participant airplanes the Austrians Extra 300 and 330SC, piloted by the French Renaud Ecalle and François Levot, and the Sukhoi Russians will be able to be seen 26 Ms, commanded by the Spaniards Beaver Fantoba and Juan Velarde. Also there will be pilots extinguish-fires and reactors battle, the favourites by the majority of the attending public to this type of events, as the Harriers Spanish, a French Alphajet and the patrol Breitling Jet Team and its airplanes L-39 Albatross.

In Red Bull Air RACE, they will be able to see 15 of the best pilots of the world, in a competition, the one of Barcelona that will serve to put the point and end to Championship 2009.


The Briton Paul Bonhomme gained the 2009 Red Bull Air RACE World Championship Trophy

With an exciting victory in the last race of the season in Barcelona, in front of a multitude record of 800,000 spectators, maintaining a ferocious challenge with Automatic Hannes Arch - 60 points. Bonhomme had finished in a second put in 2007 and 2008, but it secured the first title with a sensational action under pressure to raise itself with his first title of the championship with 67 points. Matt Hall de Australia managed to 3er place generally, the best result for a novice, with 36 points.

Alejandro Maclean de España had the hope to give to fans in its country of origin a strong joy, but º finished 10.

Results: End Red Bull Air RACE - Championship of World 2009

1 Paul Bonhomme GBR - 67 points
2 Automatic Hannes Arch - 60 points
3 Matt Hall AUS - 36 points
4 Kirby Chambliss the USA - 34 points
5 Nicolas Ivanoff FRA - 33 points
6 Nigel Lamb GBR - 32 points
7 Mike Mangold the USA - 31 points
8 Peter Besenyei HUN - 24 points
9 Matthias Dolderer GER - 23 points
10 Michael Goulian the USA - 22 points
11 Sergey Rakhmanin RUS - 17 points
12 Alejandro Maclean ESP - 16 points
13 Yoshi Muroya JPN - 9 points
14 Glen Dell RSA - 3 points
15 Pete McLeod - DOG - 1 points


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