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Pro-Skin Sommar Underställ

Pro-Skin Sommar Tröja lång arm eller byxa.

Perfekt underställ för varma sommardagar, under kartingoverall eller Mc-ställ.
Sval och skön, transporterar bort svett och värme. Håller din kroppsvärme på rätt nivå för att du skall kunna bibehålla koncentrationen och prestera ditt bästa.

ProSkins sports clothing uses high-technology fabric to improve moisture removal during exercise, maximises muscle efficiency and minimise recovery time.

Skin-contour moulding gives the very best body/clothing interface ensuring sweat evaporates at maximum speed.
Good moisture removal keeps your body temperature at optimum levels to maintain concentration and competitive edge.
ProSkins?s firm pressure on musculature offers athletes a dual benefit ? posture and oxygen flow is improved and wasteful muscle movement minimised during exercise ensuring maximum strength and speed from each energy input.
Muscle fatigue is also reduced as lactic acid is forced back into the bloodstream, making ProSkins ideal for extended exercise or close-interval events.
ProSkins clothing can be worn as a base layer under conventional sports clothing, or alone to take benefit from its lightweight and aerodynamic characteristics.

Now there is no need to sweat it out this summer thanks to a revolutionary range of clothing that keeps you super-cool to help maintain concentration and competitive edge. The high performance ProSkins Summer base layer is manufactured from aerodynamic smart technology fabric designed to mould to the skin?s contours allowing moisture to evaporate at maximum speed.
? Keeps your body cool
? Wicks sweat away from the body keeping you dry
? Compression fit improves muscle performance and reduces fatigue
? Reduces the build up of lactic acid reducing muscle stiffness

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