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Comet flight

The comet, is well-known by many other names as, Barrileta (Argentina), Waste paper (Mexico), Parrot (Venezuela), Volantin (Chile), Chichiguas (Puerto Rico), Comet (Colombia, Spain) Kite (the United States, England), Drachen (Germany)

Considered as an infantile or sport game, in his history it has been used for multiple uses. Competitions are realised, and it has been used even with military or scientific aims by the simplicity of his construction

I commit

The comet is a flying device, heavier than the air, that flies thanks to the wind force and one or several threads that maintain it from earth in their correct position of flight.

Due to its own nature, the habitual thing is to unfold comets in open and windy places, as open opens of terrain or beaches, or places where there are not trees, ways, cables of light, buildings or obstructions for the wind. If the conditions are good, the comets of the year can be overcome at any time. If they try to make fly it without wind, or during periods with conditions of heavy wind or bursts, they will be frustrated.


The comets were born in old China. 1200 a is known that around the year. Cs. were used as device of military signaling. The movements and the colors of comets constituted messages that communicated in the distance between military detachments.

Between the Aztec children one gambled with the kites, a little coarser than Chinese comets, but the same of rockets. And between the children of Tibet also this liking existed.

In century XII, in Europe the young ones already played with comets which added cords to make sound them. It is to also emphasize the work carried out by comets as equipment of atmospheric measurement. The politician and American inventor Benjamín Franklin used one commits to investigate rays and to invent the lightning rods. Nowadays, the comet maintains its popularity between the children of all the cultures.

Parts of one commit

Frame or structure, guards or coating, moors (thread and bridle) and stabilizing elements or tail.

Bridle: It maintains to the comet in the correct angle with respect to the wind Connectors: They include the devices between rods and the rod and the fabric, as being: glue, tape, or pockets. Keel: Similar to the bridle, acts as rudder.
Line: It maintains the comet in front of the wind allowing that is developed the forces that sustain it.
Candle: It directs to the air for the elevation
Rods: They give structure him
Tail: It adds drag, to maintain to the comet aiming at the wind Point of
Mooring: Point of connection of the line to the bridle.

Structure - I commit

Fabric structure conformed by rods or the action of the wind on the fabric.
Piloted with 1 static and ornamental flight line.
Elements of statics: fabric, rods, connectors, tail, bridles, picker line and of line.
Fabric structure conformed by rods.
Piloted with 1, 2, 3 or 4 acrobatic flight lines.
Elements of the acrobatic one: fabric, rods, connectors, tail, bridles, lines and controls.
Fabric structure conformed by rods.
Piloted with 4 lines, sizes and very similar weights, used for the acrobatic flight and in equipment.
Elements of the revolution: fabric, rods, connectors, bridles, lines and controls.

Categories of flights with comets:

Individual flight of Precision, Ballet and Free Style
Flight in pairs of Precision and Ballet
Flight in Equipment of Precision and Ballet
Comet flight Multiple by a single pilot

The sport Comet flights privilege the ability of the pilot more than the construction of the Comet. The participant realises a routine where she demonstrates to the different figures and skills that can be developed with the Comet.


Comet styles

There are multiple comet styles with hundreds of forms, so many as the imagination and the possibilities of the constructor. The basic idea that we have of the comet is a geometric figure (a trapeze generally) of paper that drags one long tail and that flies by airs under the direction of a very long cord that somebody maintains from earth.

Flat they are called thus because the surface of sustenation of presents in a single plane. In order to fly without giving tumbles, they require generally of a tail that stabilizes its flight. Its form, in addition to the trapeze, can be square, circular, with appearance of flower, etc. This comet type flies thanks to the pressure that the wind makes envelope they. For that reason it is not necessary to run to elevate them, although all we tried to do it therefore the first times. A simple pull of elevation and a good wind.

Curve Of curved form that is obtained using bent rods or a dihedron to which the rods pay attention. The main advantage that offers is the stability.
This comet type does not require tail as a rule, although it is possible to be added to him by aesthetic and assuring the stability the flight.

Cellular They are of three-dimensional structure. This design allows to multiply the surfaces of resistance to the wind that guarantee a great stability.

Deltas Denominated thus by its similarity with the letter of the Greek alphabet. It owns great stability due to his keel, that makes maintain a flight him slowed down with smooth winds.

Acrobatic or commanded They own two or four flight lines that allow to control the displacement and flight of the small barrel.

It is possible to be played with them, to be sent signals, to be made raise and to be lowered an object, etc. is possible to be flown in mincemeat, turn, winding ascent, to the rate of Waltz, etc.
If beams you cut symmetrical in the fuselage of the comet you manage to have one commits buzzing. If you add a pair of wings, one with the position found to the other, obtains one commits revolving bookcase. The possibilities are infinite, so many as your imagination.

Battle light and manageable Comets to realise maneuvers battle whose objective consists of demolishing the small barrel of the adversary.
In the countries and places where there is true liking and tradition, he is frequent to see matches and wars of comets. In Japan old sport rivalries exist. Knives and ends connected to the ends of the comet serve as lethal weapon that cuts to the fuselage and threads of rival comets, in ascending and descendent flights. In order to obtain a good fight it is necessary to dominate the comet flight well.

Traction one is to take advantage of the tractive force that generates the small barrel to secure the displacement.

Flexible they do not own rigid structure and if it only had it acts as support of the fabric. It is the wind and only the wind the element that gives form them during the flight.

Trains Are a set of small barrels anyway or structure that connect one to another one by means of the flight line.

Comets of power. The power comets, are comets with inflatable cells (similar to a hang-glider) that exert great force on the person who handles it.

The tractive force of the wind can be used to move a small car of three wheels called buggy. The sport is called kite buggy. The direction of the buggy this in the feet and the hands is those that guide the comet. High speeds can be reached if it has the wind and the suitable land. The power comets can also be used to ski on the water, this modality is known him with the name kitesurfing. Also these comets can be used on the snow, in skates or to give great jumps. The power comets can be used of many forms, but with a taken care of and good protective equipment.

Giant comets. Comets that by their size and force, must be anchored to a post or an automobile. The giant comets can be constructed with structure, or without her (inflatable). The inflatable giant comets safest and are recommended.

Indoor flight. This modality of flight is born in the United States where the prolonged winters forced the lovers of comets search new alternatives of flight in closed places, while they waited for the good time to leave to fly comet to open field.

The comets are designed and constructed especially for this intention. The fiber of ultralight carbon and the fabric “ripstop” in their lighter thickness, is the materials used in these comets. The comets have an approximated weight of 2 ounces, (57 grams) or less, which allows that the comet “floats” per moments during its flight. The length of these can vary following the height of the enclosure where it flies.


The materials in the construction of comets are of diverse. Before the paper use was necessary, nowadays he is usual to use plastic and fabrics. The comets can be done almost of any thing, from a garbage bag to a silk handkerchief. And if before it were necessary to use wood barytas, today plastic straws and twigs can be used to make the frame of any comet.

The quality of the materials can be expensive or very economic, but it will not influence in the quality of flight. We do not have to forget that there is to always by hand have some more or less long strip of fabric, paper or plastic to make the tails. Cord to throw of the comet. Also it will be necessary glue, thread. or even staples or clips, to unite the structure of paper, fabric or plastic, to the frame formed by twigs of plastic or wood.

The Construction

The important thing in the construction, the time and the care that we take ourselves in her. The ability can increase our speed when constructing them, but for that reason we do not have to stop being careful lovers of detail and. Also it is possible to be worked on models already constructed, as the comets in series that sell in the supermarkets, redecorating them, uniting them, cutting them and investigating with them new facets of flight.

As to construct one it commits

The Flight

Many flight trainings cannot be given because this one depends to a great extent on the intensity of the wind and the ability that each operator acquires with the experience. At first, it is only necessary to consider that the comets rise and fly by the opposition. frontal, slanted or horizontal that presents to the wind. A smooth pull and a good wind are what all comet needs to rise, later is due to be to him throwing by the cord, as it is occurred to him, so that more rises. The rest corresponds to the air layers. The warm air layers elevate. And the fresh air layers make descend. In the warm air layers it is planned better. And in the fresh air layers the comet can acquire major speed. Nevertheless, when the air is too warm and goes accompanied of much humidity, as it happens sometimes in beaches, the comets have many difficulties to rise. The best thing is than there are warm air and fresh air layers and that the wind has a minimum of intensity. By all means, a too intense and turbulent wind can destroy one commits and to create many problems to the inexperienced operator.

It avoids the proximity of trees, posts and cables, as well as of other obstacles that can prevent the flight of the comet. The length of the cord the cord with which the comet subjects and directs must have about fifty meters in length, at least, and not to be too heavy. But it must be resistant, because the comet has more force than it seems when the wind blows energetically. One does violence to ascent of the comet without a due subjection, and goodbye commits! Also he is recommendable to maintain the cord with gloves or a plastic handle. that is to say, with an element that allow to loosen us, to gather and to throw of the cord without the risk of burning us by the rubbing the palm of the hand and the fingers, something that happen frequently. Who has made fly one comet will know that the cord supports to all the tension and pressure of the wind force reflected in the comet. The cord can be apparently very tense and not to throw too much. And it can be forming one long and sharp curve, which gives a flaccidity appearance him, and to throw with an extraordinary force.

If the comet is too great and pull strip much force, you can make three things: to request help to others so that they help to hold it you and to lower it; to help of a tree or another element you that strengthens the subjection; or to loosen it and to leave are lost, before you go away of you brush and you also loosen it. The use of a cord spool with handle, is than recommendable more.

The Commercial Comets

At the moment comets of plastic to very economic prices and with good aerodynamic designs are sold. Their drawings are modern and attractive, the fuselage is of plastic, light and resistant, that weapon and is disarmed at a moment. Rarely they are broken and if they fall in the water not they lie down to lose.

The only disadvantage that they have is that they lack the flavor of the artisan thing and of the satisfaction of the work carried out, the overcoming and the personalisation and therefore incapable to wake up the passion or lasting interest.


Comets of traction

Comets of traction

Comet Traction 4 lines

Conceived for medical instructors of drag sports (tables, skiings, buggy, mountainboard, four-wheel drive scooter)

One is an extreme sport. This sport in inexpert hands can be dangerous, but practiced well it is a very exciting sport that overflows adrenalin. The most serious accidents the people undergo them who are beginning when still he is not conscious of the risks of this sport, and raise the comet in bad position, or raise one commits too great for the wind that does

It consists of the use of one comet of traction, that stretches to the sportsman by 4 (rarely 2) prudent ones, two fixed ones to the bar, and the 2 or 3 rest happen through the center of the bar and they subject to the body by means of a harness.




In an initiation course, normally there is a theoretical part of security, window of flight, etc. and another practical part, that it begins in the sand with one comet of initiation, where contact with the force is taken from the comet in the different positions from the flight window and their behavior based on the speed. Procedure to raise and to lower and loose of the comet. One goes later to the water and “bodydrag” practices, displacement in the water without the table, this technique allows to reclaim the table in the water, later waterstart” or go out with the table practices “from the water. 


Pack of initiation:

Third-party insurance. The one that has obtained in 2007 the AEK (Spanish Association of Kite) also actually covers the treatment with possible injuries of kitesurf without needing having to be federal and to compete. More info in (On 85 €)

Anemometer. Essential to know the wind that does and if in the rank of your comet it is that wind. He is recommendable that nascent mainly first days after a course does not try to practice with more than 15 knots. (On 40 €)

Table. If the table is great median or you progressed faster because you glided more easily on the water and with slight winds, that are those that interests to you to learn, but also is possible to be learned with which already you are going to use completely. (On about 500 € new according to brands etc).

Comet. It finds out that winds are most frequent in your zone and that intensity usually has for in function also of you weight choosing one comet that allows you to sail the greater number of days. (On 1000 € + - 300 € according to brands and for new size 10-12 meters material)

Harness. In order to begin they are more comfortable those than they take enlistments to put the legs because it avoids that the harness rises to you upwards. If you can choose one of that it takes blade better cortalíneas, perhaps sometimes you are entangled in the lines of the comet and it passes very badly if you cannot loosen to you. (On 120 € + - according to brands).

Helmet. It is very important in zones of narrow beaches, crossed by rocks or in zones of little depth and obstacles. More than one to the head or the face against some stone or obstacle in little deep waters, or against the bottom has been opened.

Vest. There are some specific for kite that adjust well to the body, give bouyancy you and they do not bother to you. They come very well if the comet and these far from the border falls to you enough. Also it cushions the blows against the water. (Price according to brands)

Cool Escarpines. They are recommendable at the outset and if your zone is stony etc, because you kicked enough. It avoids that you nail things to you in the feet (piedrecillas, seaweed, fish spider). You must look for them when you already have the table and to verify that the foot with escarpín within footstrap of the table fits to you. Although footstrap can be regulated if the sole of escarpín is very heavy not you goat. (On 25 €).

Neoprene. According to where you sail, in winter certainly you will need length. The short one does not come either bad for spring-autumn in the Mediterranean or the summer in the Atlantic. (Price according to brands).

Representatives of this sport in Spain

The maximum representative of this sport in Spain is the young person Gisela Pulido; that with only 13 years Pro World became by fourth consecutive year in champion of the world of the modality the Kiteboard feminine Tour.

Abel Lago champion of the world in 2007 in the modality of waves in the Kiteboard Pro World Tour. And in the 2008 runner-up in the same modality.




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