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Men Bird (Wing Suit)


Wing Suit, this modality tries to equip with wings the parachutists, to reduce its rate of fall and to increase its horizontal displacement, which allows to cross considerable distances.


Wing Suit consists of habitually sending to the emptiness from an airplane or a fixed location, after which the jumping one swells the wings of its suit and executes dangerous pirouettes in the air, the horizontal displacement in this modality usually goes up to around in about 140/160 km/h against some 200km/h of vertical reduction
The landing is realised with the opening of a parachute and undoing a lateral rack that releases the legs to fall with a greater security.

The aerial suits count on numerous accessories to avoid accidents or to diminish possible damages in a fall, from the prescribed helmets and glasses in all the modalities of jump bases to more specific accessories as a reserve manual that unfolds an accessory parachute. The wings are realised in nonporous materials to the air, that allows that the monkey inflates itself forming a wing at the same time as avoids the sensation of cold to the parachutist.


The origins of the sport date in the Thirties and during years tests with suits became prototype of diverse materials as wood, silk or metal although the successive tests were insolvent.

Although in the Nineties the new materials allowed to make safer designs, was not until the end of century when this practice became popular between the fans to the parachuting thanks to a new called equipación ‘BirdMan’, made by the company of the same name.

From then, new companies were dedicated to design this type of equipaciones, being one of the most known ‘wingfly’, that makes aerial suits in different sizes, following the experience of the jumper, and their prices fluctuate of the 260 to the 2,100 Euros.

Some popular places where WiSBASE practices are Kjerag and Trollstigen in Norway, Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland, Chamonix, in France, and Monte Brento in Italy.






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